The Poison Path Herbal – Madrakkkeeee Baby!

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Todays episode is about the book “The Poison Path Herbal” by Coby Michael!!! I go through a section of the book and randomly tune into MANDRAKES!! Super pumped to even have this book and to learn everything I can about Baneful Herbs!! I got this book at my local Barnes and Nobles, But I’m going to link this bad boy to amazon!!
It feels soooo fucking good to be able to start recording again! Can’t wait to talk more about my love of books! ALSO ALSO ALSO… I butcher a lot of words and it’s kind of a shit show not going to lie. I really need to get my shit together and put out more content for you guys!!! Anyways, seriously give this book a go and let me know how you guys like it! BOOK CLUB! Lets goooooo