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Todays episode is about the book “The Poison Path Herbal” by Coby Michael!!! I go through a section of the book and randomly tune into MANDRAKES!! Super pumped to even have this book and to learn everything I can about Baneful Herbs!! I got this book at my local Barnes and Nobles, But I’m going to link this bad boy to amazon!! https://www.amazon.com/Poison-Path-Herbal-Nightshades-Entheogens/dp/1644113341
It feels soooo fucking good to be able to start recording again! Can’t wait to talk more about my love of books! ALSO ALSO ALSO… I butcher a lot of words and it’s kind of a shit show not going to lie. I really need to get my shit together and put out more content for you guys!!! Anyways, seriously give this book a go and let me know how you guys like it! BOOK CLUB! Lets goooooo