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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys come out of the gates with a listener story about a time slip experienced by a border patrol agent in Texas. Then, a person describes seeing a small fairy in all-white clothes that looked like pajamas, hiding and peeking behind a tree.

After the break, Cam brings up some strange sightings of the Pale Crawlers! Of the many strange encounters in the world of the paranormal that we discuss on this show, there are often those that serve to be particularly strange and unusual. Among these bizarre accounts are tales from all over of what appears to be some sort of thin, pale beings, often hunched over, crouching, and crawling, that have come to be collectively known as “Pale Crawlers,” and which are every bit as creepy as you might imagine. What are they? Where did they come from and most importantly, what do they want?

All of this and more on this installment of Expanded Perspectives!

Show Notes:

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