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Owls have long had their place in esoteric symbolism, but when was the last time you heard about them actually getting up to weird stuff? On this episode we dive into stories of exactly that – owls will change form in front of someone’s eyes, occupy 2/3 of a tree, and terrify children in the night. As the man once said, “the owls are not what they seem.”

Also on this episode: bath bomb buddies, spider dreams, and whistles in the dark.

Media on this episode:

Giant radish man

“The Messengers”, by Mike Clelland (book) 

The Third Man (movie) 

Battle of the Planets (cartoon) 

M&M Episode 168: Just Another Tinfoil Hat, with Zelia Edgar 

Music on This Episode:

Main Theme:   “Radio (Into the Darkness We Go)” by Podzontommusic

Stories Theme: “The Future Belongs to Them Now” by Hexxagram

Bumpers:      “Crystal Gloom” by Rand Aldo

“Radio” and “The Future Belongs to Them Now” are used with permission, all other music and sound FX are licensed via Epidemic Sound

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