The Other Alien In The Room – Kristin Harding – Another Generic ET Show… This is MY ALIEN LIFE!

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Please excuse the rough start as the show is going through the transition from audio to video AND audio..

Right now you can watch the show on YouTube and most of the time on AND, you can listen to the show, everywhere you find podcasts.


This is Patreon night with a killer lineup of Aliens… Please go to the MY ALIEN LIFE Pateon page and learn how you can support My Alien Life the Podcast…Thank you so much.. I’m Cameron Logan and this is My Alien Life Patreon page.

MY ALIEN LIFE is a podcast for those who have a story to tell and I really wish I could get to all of your stories. I promise to do my best.. I want to take a minute and talk about Patreon. What is Patreon? Think of it as an online tip jar. Patreon is a website that gives everyone in the world an opportunity to become a patron and support the artists they believe in. The great thing about Patreon is, you get to decide how much you feel comfortable contributing to each podcast. As you know, some weeks I get a burst of energy and I want to produce lots of new content… It’s expensive to make a podcast. There’s electronic gear, web domain fees, web hosting fees, tee-shirts, postage stamps, tin foil hats, alien assault spray and much much more…..And remember, things break. No matter what you decide, please always listen to the podcast. That’s what I really want. We’re a team, and your support is what keeps me going… Thank you for being amazing, and keep listening to My Alien Life the Podcast!!

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