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Here’s a re-release from the 11th Hour Audio line-up for World Audio Drama Day 2018, one which the Narada Radio Company helped to make: “The Opportunist”, written especially for 2018 11th Hour by Steve Schneider. Directed and recorded by Pete Lutz, and edited/mixed by MJ Cogburn of Darker Projects. Music by Ross Bernhardt. The folk song “Knoxville Girl”, sung with very little skill by the director, is in the public domain.¬†

The Cast:

Jason D. Johnson as GRAVES  Alan Clower as NORTON Nick Wommack as HENRY Dana Gonsalves as DEACON Pete Lutz as LUCKY Russ Walker as ROY Ross Bernhardt as MORTY Mark Rigsby as MacCLELLAN Alisha Strand-Mueller, Jessica Mathews and Lisa Ayala as THE WRAITHS Darren Rockhold as CREDITS ANNOUNCER