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What’s up Misfits! You’re listening to a VERY special episode of this podcast — it’s the end of season 1, the one year anniversary of Misfits and Mysteries, and Emmy’s last day! Aren’t you guys going to miss her “do-do-do-do” transitions?? No? Ok.

Emmy goes out with a bang, telling one of her best-ever stories: The Grunch. You know, it’s that New Orleans-based reptilian-chupacabra-looking ape-and-wolf-sounding cryptid that came from a baby Devil’s balls? Or it’s just a group of inbred, cannibal alibino little people — we’re not really sure. Next, it’s only fitting that, in honor of spooky season and on our one-year anniversary — Steve rounds us out with classic Halloween legends like “The Stupid Babysitter”, “The World’s Worst Stabber” and “The Grandma from Hell.” At least that’s what I think they should be called.

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