Tales From Stage 13

Hosted ByKatie Waldron and Amelia Lewis

From bizarre deaths and freak accidents, to on-set exorcists and consultation from the occult, there are some movies whose productions were more fraught than the storylines of the movies themselves. Join hosts Amelia Lewis and Katie Waldron, as they take you behind the scenes of the drama, darkness and disaster that haunt Hollywood's most cursed film productions.
"When the legend becomes fact, print the legend" - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Omen

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When it comes to Richard Donner’s 1976 film, The Omen, freak accidents foretold by the devil’s number weren’t just a plot point in the movie; They occurred during production, and well after, leading some to believe that the film itself was a harbinger of misfortune for its cast and crew.



Written and Produced by Amelia Lewis and Katie Waldron


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