The Nine with Chris Ernst – Dec 18, 2021

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Seriah discusses the channelled entities “The Nine” with Chris Ernst. Topics include Andrija Puharich, Dr. D.G. Vinod, “The Stargate Conspiracy” by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, Uri Geller, CIA and Mossad psychic programs, “Third Eye Spies”, remote viewing, fakery and the paranormal, James “the Amazing” Randi, poltergeist activity and emotion, Peter Levenda and “Sinister Forces: The Nine”, “The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings From Deep Space” by Phyliss V. Schlemmer, The Round Table Foundation, Eileen Garrett, Arthur Young, Bell Helicopter, Alice Bouverie, Aldous Huxley, upper-crust/old money seances, the Dupont and Aster families, ancient Egyptian gods, Vice-President of the U.S. Henry Wallace, Masonic symbology on American paper money, possible technology from Nikola Tesla, Ingo Swan, SPECTRA, John Whitmore, “Tom from The Nine”, the Bronfman family, Gene Roddenberry, Aaron Gulyas, Star Trek and Deep Space Nine, Jenny O’Connor, Esalen Institute, new age light work, Terence and Dennis McKenna, Dorothy Martin, The Seekers, “When Prophecy Fails”, cognitive dissonance, Carla L. Rueckert, Don Elkins, the Sphinx, “Babylon Five”, Secret Chiefs, Meher Baba, UFO Contactees vs. Channellers, “Hoova” and “Rombus 4D”, archons, gnosticism, Nag Hommadi, mystics with connections to intel agencies, “Department of Truth” comic, Tim Renner, and much more! Absolutely fascinating discussion with a ton of references!

– Recap by Vincent Treewell

Outro Music is byBELLS≥with The New Freedom Project