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The world is more mysterious than most people are comfortable imagining. We cross paths with the mystical from time to time and may not even notice it. If we do, we quickly return to our usually mundane daily existence. But what if we not only acknowledged the unknown, we investigated it and spoke with those in the know? That’s what co-hosts Scott & Forrest, and their producer Tess Pfeifle do at Astonishing Legends. Over 85 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of listeners have shown that exploring and embracing the wonders of our world can be not only enlightening but exciting. Welcome to Astonishing Legends!

The Near-Death Experience Part 1

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The question that every one of us has at least wondered about at some point in our lives, is not if UFOs and aliens exist, or where’s Bigfoot, or even if ghosts are real (although that question is connected) but a question about the biggest mystery of all: “What happens to us after we die?” You may not care about the other unknowns, but death comes for us all, and whether or not there’s an afterlife, we’ll all know in due time. It’s the grandest question there is, because it may lead to all other answers. Any evidence of an afterlife may seem beyond our view to most of us; however, there seems to be a great abundance of credible accounts from people who may have seen a glimpse of what awaits us on the Other Side. These people have either been in a state of “Clinical Death” or some unusual physical circumstance and upon recovering, claim to have experienced something known as a Near-Death Experience, or, an “NDE.” Tonight, we sit down with our good friend, screenwriter Richard Hatem, who has studied the subject extensively, to discuss the fascinating and distinctive characteristics of the phenomenon. In Part One of our two-part series, we first look at the researchers, definitions and a few case studies of the NDE. Before you think you can dismiss these numerous anecdotes as coming only from a particular type of attention seeker, consider that these testimonies come from the believer, the agnostic and the atheistic alike, from people of all faiths and walks of life, with stories of striking similarity from every culture, and going back to when people first started dying. These Experiencers were all profoundly affected, their lives changed, and the commonalities of their experiences would suggest that this ultimate truth doesn’t care what you believe, and indeed a reality beyond the one we know does exist.

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