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The Nagual

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This was going to be a quick episode highlighting a particularly interesting Mesoamerican shapeshifter. Then it turned into a rabbit hole of coincidence and apparent linkages with other folk tales which literally blew our minds. Join us on a strange journey through Mesoamerican mythology in which we find connections with La Lechuza, the European Werewolf, Quetzalcoatl and a lot more. We’ll also get into 17th century guerilla fighter Maria De La Candelaria who we’re now sort of obsessed with, as well as examine some modern day Nagual sightings courtesy of Nick Redfern and the internet, and talk a little bit about Farcry 6. Dang.

A big thank you to all the creators who’s work we reference in this episode, including The Unrefined Podcast, The Haunted Hermanas Podcast, Small Town Monsters, Tobias Wayland, Nick Redfern, JSTOR

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