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Uh oh, weirdos.

It’s time to solve a mystery.  Solve a mystery from history. A historical mystorical.

Ashley and Lauren were joined by comedian and writer Hanna Bowens for another edition of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES!! We had so much information on each of our stories that one recording session turned into THREE EPISODES!! That’s right, prepare to scratch your noggins because you’ve got three weeks of conundrums.

This week Ashley is bringing you an hours worth of notes on the VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT!  This 600+ year old book is written in an unknown language and no one knows who wrote it.  After carbon dating, protein testing, and the scouring of historical documents; the more we learn about the manuscript the more confusing it becomes.

Head over to our Facebook page to see all of the artworks we reference towards the end of the episode.

If you or anyone you know has any information on Mr. Voynich and his prized manuscript… call the number on your screen now.