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On this episode we talk about one of the darkest and torture laden murders that has ever graced the mics at TCG Towers; this episode is the gory tale of a satanic drug dealing cults inhuman efforts to kidnap, torture, and then gruesomely murder American tourist Mark Kilroy. Dark, this one gets dark!

Mark Kilroy was a catholic student who went to Texas State and one Spring Break went to Brownsville with a small stop over the border in Matamoros. This was the last trip for Mark as he was snatched up by the gang of Adolfo Costanzo; a cult leader and dark religious practitioner. They performed sick and twisted rituals on Mark until his death and then led the authorities on chase which ended in a siege.

Crazy stuff in this one; and joining me on the morose but still somehow hilarious journey is comedian Stephen Bradley. Stephen is one of the founders of MOB Theatre Dublin and is a fantastic improviser, writer, comedian and lovely man. We do go off on a lot of pop culture tangents in this one; but you can choose to see it as a bit of levity to dilute the awfulness of the details of this story.

If you want to find Stephen and ply his wares you can find him on Instagram here: http://www.instagram.com/stephen_bradley66 or his theatre company here: http://www.instagram.com/mobtheatredublin and you can find out all about the classes and shows for MOB Theatre on their website http://www.mobtheatre.ie. Stephen also joined me for the Mystery of the Pyramids episode and I hope to see him as a recurring guest in future shows, so go show him some love!


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