The Mothman: Prophet of Doom or Mass Hysteria? | 91

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In 1966 an unassuming pair of couples went joyriding in the hills of West Virginia. They just thought they were out to have some fun with some friends and escape their hometown of Point Pleasant for a while. They were wrong. The following series of events sparked a national phenomenon that is still alive today – the legend of the MOTHMAN. From the descriptions of red eyes and 10 foot wings to the sightings of a flying man outside the famed Sears Tower in Chicago – this cryptid has permeated the cultural zeitgeist for over 50 years. But what is it? Is there truly a winged beast flying around the world as the harbinger of doom? Or are these sightings a combination of mass hysteria, military exercises and really big birds? We grab our binoculars, camera, and Audubon society membership cards as we go in search of the Mothman this week. Plus, are all the Mothman sightings really just Batman? (no) Why is Conspiracy Bot making English Muffins? (we don’t know). And how many times will Brent sing the Mothra song? (really, any is too many) All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t sure who the Mothman is, but does wonder what Christian Bale has been up to – Hysteria 51.

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