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On this episode we revisit an old topic and give it a new perspective; a classic conspiracy and one that still splits conspiracy theorists down the middle when it comes to its voracity, the players involved and the legitimacy of their claims. With huge names in conspiracy come even grander tales of time travel, body swapping, psychic powers and more as this time we revisit The Montauk Project

Al Beilek, Preston Nicholls and Duncan Cameron; the veritable three amigos of contemporary conspiracy lore, all shine in this story of mind control stations, abducted gifted children, underground bases and conjured monsters. At Montauk, Long Island at a spot called Camp Hero lies a radar array that when utilised in the correct manner can send out orgone energy from gifted kids to manipulate the minds of the masses.

Sounding like Stranger Things? Yeah thats because it a big inspiration and the story gets even crazier from there; with Al Beilek darting back and forth across the sacred timeline and Duncan Cameron talking about conjuring a demogorgon from an alien tech mind chair! Madness, but great craic. We dove deep on this one and revisit older topics like The Philadelphia Experiment, to give a full context on the events surrounding The Montauk Project

Joining me on this episode are Neil Rochford and Eamonn O’Neill. You can find Neil here @NeilRochford on Twitter and you can buy his Montauk Project adjacent paranormal crime thriller ‘The Blue Ridge Project’ here http://neiltr.com/gravity-landing/the-blue-ridge-project/ and Im sure if you gave him a follow and a DM there could be a deal done for the price of it 🙂

You can find Eamonn over at his own podcast called “Monster Fuzz” where he and Rob chop it up over monsters, ghosts, ghoulies and all manner of strange stuff! You can find the show on their website here https://monsterfuzzpodcast.com or at their very handy all-in-one link here https://linktr.ee/monsterfuzz where you can follow them on all the socials etc. They are choppin’ tarts and toppin’ charts this long while and if you’re a fan of the loose hilarious craic on TCG and you like Eamonn the best then this is obviously a must for you!


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