The Minnesota Iceman: Missing Link or a Charlatan’s Sham? | 237

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What do you do when you find a previously undiscovered hominid frozen in a block of ice? Well, obviously you thaw him out and go eat microwave burritos at 7-11. But, in the off chance Pauly Shore is unavailable for said hijinks – you might just tour around the country charging people to get a look-see. And that’s exactly what happened when Frank Hansen got his hands on this particular Neanderthal-sickle. But the story gets weirder. The Smithsonian comes to take a look, it’s determined the wannabe Bigfoot was shot in the head, and someone at Disney claims they actually made the thing out of latex and a lack of common sense. We try to melt the mystery of the Minnesota Iceman this week. Plus, we welcome Dan Kozuh back to the show (he’s got a new podcast – The Extramundane with Max Ward), C-Bot isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders (is he ever?), and Brent plants a fake voicemail lauding his hosting talents (might be fake, might not but since I write the descriptions- we’re going with it). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never thawed a Neanderthal from a gigantic block of ice, but if we did we’re pretty sure he’d look like Brendan Fraser – Hysteria 51.

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The Minnesota Iceman!
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