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Have you seen these men, weirdos?

Welcome to PART TWO of our series on MISSING PEOPLE!! Last week we told you some stories that maybe made you give the local lake a side eye…  This week we’re keeping you out of the mountains!

Lauren is covering the story of a Chicago man who moved to Colorado during a mid-life crisis and opening an antique store whose previous owner went missing… just to go missing himself… 

And Ashley is covering the tragic story of the Yuba County Five, a group of men with a range of developmental disabilities who seemingly took a wrong turn in 1978 that ended in their demise.  Or did they?

Obviously this is one of our darker episodes so it needs to be said again– WARNING: This episode contains foul language, and disturbing topics including murder, suicide, starvation, as well as mental disorders and developmental disabilities.


This episode features a PROMO for the podcast MOVIES THAT MADE US GAY– one of our favorites of all time.