The Mark of the Bell Witch with Seth Breedlove – Dec 5, 2020

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We may think that 2020 is “annum horribilis,” but it pales in comparison to 1820 and the years preceding it. Consider what life was like in Tennessee 200 years ago. As predicted by the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, earthquakes shook western Tennessee with ten times the seismic force of the San Francisco earthquakes in the late nineteenth century. The war of 1812 intensified the hostilities between white settlers and the Creek Nation. The eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815 resulted in the “year without a summer,” with crop failures, food shortages and migrations of settlers from the eastern states. Into this melee comes one of the most notable cases in American occult history: the Bell Witch. Join Seriah and his guest, filmmaker Seth Breedlove, as they discuss his latest documentary, “The Mark of the Bell Witch.” Their discussion covers the history of the region, the poltergeist elements of the narrative and the challenges of creating a film about phenomena that have captured our imaginations for two centuries.

– Recap by Patricia W.

Seth’s website: Small Town Monsters

Outro Music “Lilith” by Andra Dare