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It’s ‘Not Your Father’s Fawcett!’ The journey continues with our dive into the first part of EXPLORATION FAWCETT, the 1953 book of Colonel Percy Fawcett’s own notes and journals, as tidied up, illustrated and edited by his son Brian Fawcett. Featuring:

-my visit to a Fawcett-related address in London

-the infamous giant snake sighting!

-Fawcett’s links to living dinosaurs and other crypto-critters

-Lost cities, Atlantis (because of course), H.R. Haggard, ‘white indians’

It’s enough to make you never want to hear the name ‘Fawcett’ ever again!


Buy Me A Coffee, you scoundrel!


Exploration Fawcett, Percy Fawcett, 1953


Monster Mysteries, Rupert Matthews, 1989


In Search Of Prehistoric Survivors, Karl Shuker, 1995