Hey Strangeness

Hosted ByAaron & Sara Deese

(Explicit) Hey Strangeness. A podcast about some of the strangest things in life - ghosts, cryptids, conspiracies, true crime, and the unnamed horrors which dwell at the very edge of what we perceive as existence. Come hang out with us.

The Many Adventures of Tom Slick

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It’s been a little bit since our last episode. Bummer. But to celebrate spooky season we’re back with episode 6 featuring… a look back at the life of a millionaire from Texas. Huh. We were gonna do a Halloween special, but we didn’t write one. What we DID write was this. Audio was recorded a few weeks ago so it’s a bit out of date and came around before our NEW LOGO which we absolutely love. More on that later.

Rename the Texas Chupacabra

The South West Research Institute on Instagram

Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology by Loren Coleman

Monsters of Texas by Ken Gerhard and Nick Redfern