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The man from 3036

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Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we have a submission from  Micheal. His encounter was when he was sleeping and he began to feel a hand on his chest. Then he looked at what was on his chest and noticed something very strange shriek and run all the while a green light filled the room. Then we dive into a documentary on a time travel from 3036. It was called Confession of a time traveler, the man from 3036, it can be found on amazon and is defiantly worth a watch. But it is an interview process with the man who claims to be from the year 3036. He breaks down some of the future and what happens in the years to come. They also take blood, hair, and X-rays to validate this mans story and all the results seem to suggest that what he’s telling is true. We hope you enjoy the show and as always stay safe and stay weird!


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