The Long, Dark & Full of Terrors

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This episode was called ‘The Long, Dark & Full of Terrors’ – but full of alcohol it was not! Our first ever non-alcoholic cocktail means everyone can drink along! We chose a different route this week because of our theme: Haunted Roads & Fairy Paths (or any supernatural thoroughfare). From steering our way through anecdotes of apparitions appearing to motorists to exploring the unstoppable force of fairies and their sense of direction, we needed caffeine to get through this one. Alex’s concoction paid homage to those long drives on dark roads…enjoy!

In a roundabout way, we drove home the point that ghosts can truly appear anywhere so this time around we are advising you to drive responsibly as you never know what you’ll see…The coffee shakes started way back when we were researching for this episode and our sources were:, ,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, Magic Roads of Ireland, , Duchas, &