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Of all the serial killers we are going to look at in our murderous mind series; Andrei Chikatilo was in our opinion by far the worst. He was an intelligent man but was chronically shy with low self-esteem and depressive tendencies whose sexual inadequacies drove him to conjure up sadistic fantasies in his mind that he couldn't suppress. And in a reign of terror that lasted 12 years he acted on these cravings in the most depraved and heinous way. as a school teacher, he used his position to prey on and abuse the most vulnerable people in society…..children. If this wasn't bad enough, he took pleasure in torturing his victims for his own sexual pleasure.

Chikatilo became known as the Rostov Ripper and mainly due to the mistakes made by the police at the time he was able to kill at least 56 children and young adults, both male and female. With today's modern forensics and policing he would probably have been caught even before he killed his first victim…, but sadly in what became known as one of the biggest police blunders ever, Chikatilo was able to evade capture and subject over 50 other innocent people to the grimmest deaths imaginable.

This is the horrific story of a man many argue must have been mentally unbalanced, to do what he did to another human being, but as you’ll see all the murders he committed were premeditated, and at times he was devious in the victims he chose. So was he mad? Or just plain Evil…..

Episode narrated by Top5s
Music by CO.AG


Our episodes deal with serious and often distressing cases involving serial killers. Listener discretion is advised.

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