The Lemp Mansion | The Grave Talks Revisited

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What started as a luxurious mansion for some of the most wealthy affluent of the time, eventually fell into a world of disrepair as a boarding house for undesirable and questionable characters. The story of the haunted Lemp mansion runs deep. Suicide, murder, crimes, and many other deep emotional traumas were all felt within the walls of this historic home.

The Haunted Lemp mansion was witness to the celebrated and emerging brewing industry in America. It also stood as home to heartache, failure, and death. This is the chilling story of one of Americas most haunted locations, the Lemp Mansion. Betsy Belanger shares her accounts of the undead with us today on The Grave Talks.


In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

How did Betsy Belanger become involved with the Lemp mansion?

What are the identities of some of the most prominent spirits in the Lemp mansion?

Who was “Oscar”, and what time period is he from?

Has the Lemp family returned to this home in death?

Do the spirits interact with one another?

What keeps the spirits at the Lemp Mansion?

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