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On this episode of Hidden In The Shadows, we dive deep into a legend that covers what some say is one of the first true American Hauntings. The Legend Of The Bell Witch is a legend that is told repeatedly in the paranormal community and sparks many conversations. We dive deep into what the Legend Of The Bell Witch is, and what our personal theories behind it could be.  The Legend takes place in what is now Adams, TN, and involves the Bell Family. John Bell was a farmer from North Carolina that moved his family to over 300 acres of farmland in Adams, TN. They moved there in 1804 to start experiencing crazy activity nearly a decade later in 1816. It escalated fairly quickly starting as only just knocks on doors, things being moved to John's daughter Betsy being consistently slapped, punched, and stuck with pins. Follow us on this episode as we dive more into details and theorize what this entity is and if it's still active to this day! 

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