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When in your life were you the happiest – were you in a different job, different location, a different relationship? Some people are just going through the motions of life and wondering where all of the happiness went. What changes could you make to find your happy place again? When you are a child you make your decisions based on what feels like the most fun, or what makes you happy. This is not the right way to make all of your decisions, but as we get older it seems like we do the extreme opposite. We do what we think that we should do to be responsible or we make choices based on what is expected of us. So instead of people doing something they enjoy on their day off, they do laundry and go to the grocery store. We stay in jobs that we hate because it is a paycheck and we stay in relationships that are unhealthy because it feels secure. You can still be responsible, make good choices and enjoy our life! We need to find a balance of what makes us happy and being a grown up. This show is about happiness in your life, relationships and career. Why we do the things we do and how can we change it. How to use the Law of Attraction in a simple way! We will talk about how your thoughts through out the day are affecting your life whether it is good or bad. Join us and we will be taking calls, answering questions and probably laughing a lot!