The Lantern | True Ghost Stories

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A group of kids see a mysterious antique lantern floating down a dark hall late at night and wonder, who or what is wandering their home?

Here is a preview of the story.
“Then I heard something.  I looked through the small crack in my bed’s headboard.  Down the hall, I saw something.  An old-fashioned lantern carried by an old man.  Oh no!  Santa is here.  I pulled my blanket over my head and tried not to breathe heavily.  It worked.  Santa left a pile of presents that night.  And in the morning, my brother and I both said we saw Santa.

That is the Story I told for years.  And I still remember it.  Seeing someone in the hallway with a lantern.  But I have wondered what happened that night.

For years I have tried to get my mom to talk about it—tried to get her to tell me what happened from her point of view.  Was it my dad?  Did we just make it up?”

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