The Lake Michigan Mothman | The Grave Talks Revisited

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Long before the Lake Michigan Mothman, his story was being told. In the 1960s, the Point Pleasant West Virginia was the setting for multiple horrific encounters with what was known as the “Mothman.” After a giant bridge disaster, the sightings ceased. Many assumed that somehow, the Mothman was connected to the collapse. Were the troublesome sightings an omen of the tragedy that was about to take place? As time would pass, memory and stories of the Mothman would subside. Then in 2017, sightings of the creature began to pop up around the states that surround Lake Michigan. A large, dark-winged creature with glowing blood-red eyes is a thing of nightmares. For many who witnessed it, it has become a horror of reality. Today we discuss the Lake Michigan Mothman with Tobias Wayland.

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