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On this episode we welcome author William C. Grave to chat about his book “The Lady in the Bay Window: A True Story of a Haunted Sheffield Home”.

Amazon book description
“As a sceptic, William never believed in ghosts or the paranormal until he purchased his current residence 18 years ago. Since then, he has experienced a series of chilling events that have left him questioning everything he thought he knew about the world. From sightings of apparitions to strange footsteps and poltergeist activity, William’s home has become a hotbed for the supernatural.

In ‘The Lady in the Bay Window,’ William shares his experiences in gripping detail, recounting each spine-chilling encounter as it happened. He also includes a visit from a famous paranormal investigation crew and a local spiritualist medium who came highly recommended. Together, they attempt to unravel the mystery of William’s haunted home.”

William C. Grave on the web


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