Crypto Science Society Presents

Hosted ByJason S. Cordova

On this podcast, the Crypto Science Society shares stories of our adventures with the unknown. We will bring you inside our investigations to reveal first-hand discoveries. You’ll hear of haunted history, cattle mutilations, black magic mayhem, close encounters, funny farms, aquatic anomalies, and forest phantasms. We have peered behind the veil and are ready to tell the tail…

The Interrupters: Basics of Paranormal Investigation

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One is a match and the other is kerosene! Heather Jane Metcalf and Makenzi Oman represent the Salt Lake City team with a review of their most recent investigation, and a discussion about investigator training, energy experiments and what to do when your witness interview gets…out of hand. Follow the link below for Heathers Review of the best free ghost hunting apps available
Audio by Ace Apayda, Graphic design by Eddie Nouri and Heather Jane Metcalf
Los interruptores
¡Uno es un fósforo y el otro es keroseno! Heather Jane Metcalf y Makenzi Oman representan al equipo de Salt Lake City con una revisión de su investigación más reciente, y una discusión sobre la capacitación de los investigadores, los experimentos de energía y qué hacer cuando su entrevista con el testigo se vaya de las manos.