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IN THIS EPISODE: Did William Herbert Wallace stage an elaborate locked-room mystery to murder his wife Julia? (Impossible Murder of Julia Wallace) *** Haunted locations aren’t always buildings – or even necessarily on the ground. The legendary ship, Queen Mary is swimming with the paranormal. (The Mysterious Haunted Queen Mary) *** Things continually appear and disappear in Grandma’s creepy house. (My Grandma’s Poltergeist) *** Helen Bailey went on a walk with her dog one afternoon—and was never seen alive again. (The Tragic Murder of Author Helen Bailey) *** They were called “The West Memphis Three” – and they were tried and convicted of the murder of three boys in 1994. But a campaign for their release succeeded, and they walked out of prison in 2011. Was justice served? (The West Memphis Three: A Deal With The Devil)
“The Impossible Murder of Julia Wallace” from The Unredacted: https://tinyurl.com/r2mvag2
“The Mysterious Haunted Queen Mary” by Brent Swancer for Mysterious Universe: https://tinyurl.com/smk76tu
“My Grandma’s Poltergeist” by Russ Wilson – submitted directly to WeirdDarkness.com
“The Tragic Murder of Author Helen Bailey” by Shannon Raphael for The Line Up: https://tinyurl.com/wb9jn3d
“The West Memphis Three: A Deal With The Devil” from The Unredacted: https://tinyurl.com/r7uc2xw
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Originally aired: September 07, 2018

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: https://weirddarkness.com/impossible-murder-of-julia-wallace/