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The Kelly-Hopkinsville UFO encounter is easily one of the most terrifying reports of interactions with extraterrestrial creatures. An entire family claimed to have had their home assaulted by 3-4 foot entities that resembled nothing from planet Earth. No photographic evidence was taken of the encounter and so all that it left is the testimony of those who were involved in the case. While most encounters with UFOs and their supposed pilots are often brief and leave the participants with nothing in the way of definitive physical evidence of their encounter, there is one piece of little-known photographic evidence that has yet to be disproven. On December 1, 1987, Philip Spencer had the luck to capture, on film, a strange creature he said approached him during his morning walk to another nearby village in Yorkshire, England. The photo would go on to be analyzed and pored over by experts who were unable to definitively state if this was some type of hoax or if it was actual evidence of an extraterrestrial encounter. This case file, join the Theorists as they stumble through the fog to find little green men in…The Ilkely Moor UFO encounter

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