The Holloman Air Force Base UFO Encounter | Case File 267

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During the Nixon years, a documentary was released that explored the topic of UFOs. Rather unusual for the time, this documentary was to have the full cooperation of all the branches of the U.S. military. In this film, there were frames allegedly taken from actual  military footage of a UFO landing at an Air Force Base in New Mexico. The producers of the documentary had apparently been promised the full length of the film but the Department of Defense had suddenly and without much explanation rescinded their offer to provide this groundbreaking footage. The footage is said to have included the recording of multiple aerial UFOs and the meeting between their occupants and military officials present at the time. This case file, join the Theorists as they mishear, misread, and mispronounce the names and places associated with mystery of …The Holloman Air Force Base UFO Encounter

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