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Welcome all my wicked witches and warlocks to the ATT Spooktober Spectacular. I do hope you’re prepared to have a spell of a good time. While Pennsylvania may rate lower on the spook-o-meter than other more infamous Vanias, it possesses a certain chilling charm all its own. Since the earliest days of the Keystone State, settlers have dabbled all across the spectrum of magic spells. Old World beliefs and Christian mythos swirled together inside a bubbling cauldron to conjure up regional flavor folk magic. Concern over curses and ritual remedies had a place in the Pennsylvania Dutch communities for centuries. If fate took an unexpected or unfortunate turn it was always considered a possibility that a curse was the cause. This was certainly the case in 1928 when three men were dead set on freeing themselves from the influence of a suspected sorcerer. This case file, join the Fearists as they huff a little hocus-pocus and crack a few cantrips while conjuring up the tale of…The Hex House Murder

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