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When a home goes through multiple owners of multiple decades, many “things” are bound to happen there. Good moments, bad moments, moments of strife and moments of pleasure. All in all, the record of what happened within the walls of house ultimately reside with those who lived it. But what do you do when the walls begin to talk long after the former residents have moved on. Are they coming back, trying to tell their story? Do they have a warning or a message for the latest round of inhabitants of their “Haunted House”? Today we hear the story of a haunted house, and its current life in Indiana with paranormal investigator Jessica Ansley.

  • Is there a level of danger when someone takes a haunted house and adds in the more haunted objects?
  • Why Jessica decide to investigate the house?
  • What do the spirits want?
  • When Jessica left, did the emotions you take on follow you?
  • What are the stories of the house around the community?
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