The Harry Turner Incident: 18 Wheels of Alien Terror | 280

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Ever since it all began, I’ve just been sitting here going over and over it in my mind, trying to piece things back together. I’d feel pretty good if I could just figure out where I’ve been. Twenty years from now I’ll still probably never know what happened that night.” – Harry Turner

Missing Time, Super Powers, MUFON Investigations, Missing Military History, Police Chases, Alien Abduction, Lot Lizards… We Tackle everything this week as we break disown the reported abduction of truck driver Harry Joe Turner from 1979. Was it a run in with aliens on that stretch of road in Virginia that led to Turner’s medical problems and slip from reality, or was it his slip from reality lead to him “seeing aliens”? Plus, CBot share life lessons (Surprisingly they are on point), David channels his inner trucker persona, and Brent hits us with his favorite CB lingo. all that and more on the podcast that has never been abducted while in an 18-wheeler, but we are keeping our fingers crossed – Hysteria 51.

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:

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