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On episode 207 of SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, Ryan is joined by author and UFO researcher, Ian Rogers. Rogers was prominently featured in a new CBC documentary, ‘UFO Town’.The Carp, Ontario UFO case is one of the most controversial in Canadian history. For some, the mysterious communications,including a VHS tape and supposedly declassified documents from an individual identifying only as “Guardian”, are incontrovertible proof that UFOs exist. For others, they’re just part of an elaborately staged hoax, impressive only for the work and creativity behind it. Three separate U.S. network television shows featured the case and investigators from both sides of the border arrived to investigate. One of those investigators was 16-year-old Ian Rogers. In 1994, Rogers borrowed his mother’s car and drove to Carp to attempt to solve the mystery. In the summer of 2020, Rogers returned to the area to revisit the case and, in searching for the truth about Guardian, discovered something startling: credible people in the region have had the strangest of encounters independent of the Guardian sighting. ‘UFO Town’ is a documentary about our collective fascination with the UFO phenomenon and our want to believe. Rogers runs us through his entire experience with the case, where it stands today, and how this strange event shaped his life.

In Canada, stream ‘UFO Town’ for free at: https://gem.cbc.ca/

Visit Ian Rogers at: http://www.ian-rogers.com/

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