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It’s party time, weirdos.

This week we’re attending an intergalactic rave! A trans-dimensional Burning Man!  An otherworldly Studio 54!  And you don’t even have to leave your home planet.

This week Ashley and Lauren are joined once again by the beautiful, hilarious and STRANGE Caitlin Dee from Goth Yearbook After Hours as we continue our chat on close encounters of the fifth kind (intentional contact.) 

The girls ask the question why would they be coming HERE? Of all places?  What do they want with us?  Do they even care about us? If they WERE to communicate with us, what would they have to say?  What the heck are extraterrestrials anyway?

Tune in a some mind-bending chat about our purpose here on Earth, no matter what your beliefs, and how there may just be the greatest discothéque the universe has ever known right under our feet.