Hey Strangeness

Hosted ByAaron & Sara Deese

(Explicit) Hey Strangeness. A podcast about some of the strangest things in life - ghosts, cryptids, conspiracies, true crime, and the unnamed horrors which dwell at the very edge of what we perceive as existence. Come hang out with us.

The Great Feathered Serpent

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Happy New Year! Today we take a semi-deep dive into the mythology of Quetzalcoatl; The Aztec Dragon, The Feathered Serpent, and… The Jesus Snake – ? Quetzalcoatl is steeped in lore spread over decades and centuries, and runs the gambit from “maybe some people saw a dinosaur” to “oh wow this is some crazy stuff right here,” – let’s ask, though – what else might be behind this legend? It’s 2022, and we’re talking monsters.