The Great Escape From Alcatraz: Free Men or Fish Food? | 204

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In the dead of night on June 11th 1962, four men set out to escape America’s ‘inescapable’ prison…three were never seen or heard from again. What was the fate of Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers? After crafting a master plan over the course of months, did they triumphantly escape Alcatraz and start new lives? Or, did nature stop the escape that guards couldn’t? This week we grab our raincoats and shivs and dive into San Francisco Bay as we investigate the escape from Alcatraz. Plus, Conspiracy Bot gets put in timeout (unsurprisingly), Kyle seems to enjoy timeout (unsurprisingly), and we discover a prison they willingly let Brent out of (surprisingly!). All of that and more on the podcast that made it through an entire episode about The Rock without one Sean Connery imitation (extra surprisingly) – Hysteria 51.

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Research Assistant – Raymond Walden IV

Escape from Alcatraz | J. Campbell Bruce

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