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Welcome, to the frightful finale of the month-long spectral Spooktober spectacular. If you’re feeling grim just remember that all good things must eventually come to a dead end. For our final tale, we take you back to 1878 to a quaint Canadian village in northwestern Nova Scotia. It was here that a young girl became a town curiosity after she became the focus of a powerful paranormal presence. The girl and her family were tortured by this particularly pernicious poltergeist which went so far as to try and set the family home ablaze by materializing lit matches from seemingly empty air. Imagine their terror, after learning to communicate with this spiteful spirit, that it was not just one but an entire host of ghosts. This case file, join the Fearists for the killer conclusion to our Spooktober series with the preternatural piece of horror history known as…The Great Amherst Mystery

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