The Good, the Bad & The Covid

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Good Riddance, weirdos!! 

At last this year is coming to an end.  We all vacillated between “Will 2020 ever be over?” and “DECEMBER?!?!?!” for at least 9 months and now it’s time to remind ourselves that it wasn’t all bad and that even the bad things were full of learning opportunities.  So lets spend the rest of this month focusing on the positives.

We begin this episode with a rapid-fire recap of all the events that took place this year – from fires to floods, pandemics to presidential elections, and even from MURDER HORNETS to monoliths – we’ve got it all.

Then we get to talk about our favorite 2020 addition: TIK TOK– Lauren and I are going to share with you all of our FAVORITE things we learned on the app this year.

And we finish out the episode with a conspiracy and a doomsday prophecy – as a treat.

We wish we could express how grateful we are for how you’ve all inspired and motivated us this past year.  Next week we have a very special finale for you, and then we say goodbye- but only for a while.

Have a very Merry Christmas, a lovely Hanukkah, the warmest holidays, and a Happy New (thank God) Year.