The Ghosts That Followed Flight 401: A TERRIFYING Personal Listners Story…

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The story in this video was sent in by Todd, who, between 1989 and 1994, worked on the ramp for Delta Airlines at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. During his time there, he worked on the haunted L1011 aircraft that used spare parts from Eastern airlines flight 401 that crashed on December 29th 1972. Just a bit of background on that crash; flight 401 was a scheduled flight from JFK, New York, to Miami; the crash happened after the cockpit crew were preoccupied with a burnt-out landing gear indicator light and failed to notice that the autopilot had inadvertently been disconnected; as a result, the aircraft gradually lost altitude and crashed into the Florida Everglades. Of the 176 passengers and crew onboard, 101 lost their lives.

In the aftermath of the crash, parts of the crashed aircraft were salvaged and refitted into other L-1011s. In the months and years following the crash, numerous stories began circulating about sightings of dead crew members sitting on board these aircraft, and here we have a first-hand account from Todd, who worked one of those L1011's.  

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