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Two children realize that they are both being tormented by the same ghostly man staring at them night after night as they try to sleep. 
Here is a preview of the story. 
“It was a two-bedroom home, so I shared my mom’s room with her, and my 10-year-old brother had his own room. We would sleep with the doors open, just so my mom could hear if my brother needed anything. Well, every night, from day one in this new house, I would wake up and see a shadow of a man standing in the doorway, darker than the darkness around him, and he had red eyes. He would just be there waiting and watching, and I had just lain there terrified, staring back, every night, for what felt like. Forever. I did not say anything about this nightly occurrence to my family. Until one morning over breakfast, my brother asked my mom to stop having people over, because they just argued in the hallway all night long and it kept him up, so I chimed in saying “yeah, and I’m sick of the creepy guy staring at me all night!”.

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