The Gates of Hell

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We know…ominous…but Season 2 continues and it's our first location based episode! 

We headed to the Garden County to delve into one of the most  haunted buildings in Ireland – Wicklow Gaol. First built in 1702, we tracked how the gaol functioned, expanded and dealt with criminals of all types who were locked up. You guessed it – it was bleak!

From the unorthodox ways they disposed of bodies to the forms of torture carried out within it's walls – it is no wonder Alex crafted a particular potent cocktail to get us through it all…nicknamed the Gates of Hell after the fact that it was likely if you went in you wouldn't come back out, we opted to name our gin and madeira based drink the very same! (It was way too easy to drink, more locked than locked up…get it? I'll see my way out – unlike the prisoners)

Helping us navigate through this spooky clink, the sources we used were: Mícheál Ó Dóibhilín's  Anne Devlin – bravest of the brave from Kilmainham Tales,,, Wikipedia,,,,,,  From Cruachan Aí Rathcroghan, Elaine Conroy talks about Oweynagat, the Cave of the Cats,, The Atlantic:,,, &

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