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Buckle up, JP has control of this one. Follow the sibling duo back in time as the discuss the ill-fated Franklin Expedition. Learn what happened, what wrong and the trials faced by the crew. JP did this one up for education and emotion. Also Ally screams at some pictures.

Links to Photos Mentioned in the Episode

DISCLAIMER!: graphic depictions of death, viewer discretion advised. Also wait until after to look at them.

Franklin Crew: https://argumundo.com/3-ice-mummies-of-the-franklin-expedition-on-beechy-island/

Tunnbaq: https://www.indiewire.com/2018/06/the-terror-monster-emmys-1201973984/

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Spooky U is an independent brother-sister podcast who that covers all manner of spooky topics. In doing so we dive deep into the history behind surrounding the legends. Each season we cover a wide range of topics from the most famous ghost stories, to the strangest moments in history. All the while, enjoy the fun banter only two twenty something siblings can share.