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Voice artist Darren Marlar narrates true stories of real paranormal events and true crime.

“The Forbidden Portrait of Abraham Lincoln” and 5 More Strange But True Stories!

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IN THIS EPISODE: (Archive Episode, originally aired June 12, 2018) *** Of all of the many strange things that one can see out on the road at night, one that is certain to startle anyone is a car blinking out of existence in an instant right before one’s eyes… and there are stories coming in from all around the world. (Baffling Cases Of Cars Vanishing Into Thin Air) *** A family experiences strange occurrences all at the same time while in the car – but even stranger, they weren’t all in the same car or in the same location. (The Glowing Ball) *** Ghosts can terrorize, but can they also protect? (Stewart The House Spirit) *** In 1990, Danny Rolling left University of Florida students cowering over the course of three days, and murdered five in the process. (The Gainesville Ripper) *** April 26, 1865, in New York a photograph was taken that became the most controversial photo of President Lincoln ever taken. (The Forbidden Portrait of Abraham Lincoln) *** Birthed from troubled pasts, Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole were lovers and deranged serial killers whose crimes would change American laws and TV. (The Confession Killers)
“Baffling Cases Of Cars Vanishing Into Thin Air” by Brent Swancer:
“The Glowing Ball” by Taylor B., submitted to
“The Gainesville Ripper” by Matt Gilligan: (link no longer available)
“The Forbidden Portrait of Abraham Lincoln” by Troy Taylor:
“Stewart The House Spirit”:
“The Confession Killer” by Mark Oliver:
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