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In the 1980s, within the Sichuan province of China, archaeologists uncovered a treasure trove of artifacts that belonged to a mysterious culture that seemed to inhabit the area around 3000 years ago. Masterfully worked relics made from gold and elephant tusks were only the beginning of the discoveries surrounding the site known as Sanxingdui. In the years of excavations that followed, more artifacts, large buildings, and even parts of city walls were uncovered and yet historians were puzzled as to what culture had left all these magnificent artifacts behind. A number of perfectly preserved masks were recovered at the site which had highly exaggerated features including large distorted eyes and wide flattened ears. Scientists, to this day, are still trying to uncover who left these artifacts behind as there is almost no record of this civilization in recorded Chinese history. Perhaps clues may be locked away in some of the magnificent structures left behind by the powerful emperors of the ancient past. This case file, join the Theorists as they crack open some cold ones to stack up their beer-a-mids and explore the legends around…The Chinese Pyramids

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