The Fetch, The Gruagach, The Gelt and The Banshee. Spooky Tales from the Emerald Isle

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Tonight we look at some reports from the Emerald Isle. I will share a number of cases where the creatures seen are described as Bigfoot-like creatures, or the Wildman of Eire, (Ayra). Sometimes they are called Gruagach (gru a cach) or Gelts. We will also look at some cases that involve Werewolf-like Creatures. The Eiran word for wolf is ‘Mac Tíre’ meaning literally “Son of the Country(side)”. The historical references to these creatures are many and stretch far back in time. The Werewolves of Ossory are one legend that was recorded in Mediaeval Eiran, English and Norse sources. I also have a number of reports of the little folk, the Fae as I would call them, in Eire they are called Brag or Tankerabogus (tanker a bogus). Shape shifting beings that can bring harm or good luck depending on their agenda and our interactions with them. The names change with the region and of course throughout time. Like the Woodwose of England, who is now called the British Bigfoot.