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In 1965, the sleepy town of Exeter, New Hampshire, became an unwitting landmark in the annals of the unexplained. It was here that a series of startling encounters would unfold, etching the name ‘Exeter’ into the cosmic consciousness of UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike. This was not Hollywood fiction, but real-life drama played out under the starry canopy of New England night sky. Citizens, average and unsuspecting, found themselves thrust into a bewildering ballet of lights and mystery. Their tales of close encounters would not only captivate the nation but also rattle the corridors of power and science.At a time when the space race was in full swing and Cold War tensions simmered, these celestial visitations raised questions that transcended the terrestrial squabbles of humankind. Was Exeter a waypoint in an interstellar journey? A cosmic crossroad of otherworldly interest?This case file, join the Theorists as they venture into the vortex of vintage sightings in… The Exeter UFO Incident.

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