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Peoria, Illinois July, 1972. 18 year-old Randy Emert found himself reporting his sighting of a sub-human, bipedal, creature that was seen by him and his friends a little over a month earlier. Randy told the local newspaper he had originally decided to keep the sighting to himself as he thought those that would hear the story would think he was crazy. Later he would feel compelled to report his experience after reading a story about sightings of a mysterious creature, with a similar description as the one he saw, in the state of Louisiana. It would seem, in the early 1970’s, Middle America found itself besieged by strange creatures that lurked in the forests and waterways. Numerous accounts of witnesses being pursued or even assaulted by inhuman beasts often issuing out unearthly screeches and howls. One town, in southwest Illinois, found itself thrown into a monster hunting frenzy after one of these inhuman horrors terrorized two families, in a single night. This case file, join the Theorists as they indulge in a few alcoholic libations while engaging in slovenly deliberations pertaining to eldritch abominations with blood-chilling vocalizations in…The Enfield Monster

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